Friday, February 26, 2010

What Is Black, White and Red?

The first of the year, I entered a challenge with an online quilting group. We have until June to complete at least 15 UFO's, (unfinished projects). The quilt on the left is my first completed quilt for the challenge. The quilt pattern is called a Disappearing Nine Patch and several of the blocks were from a swap I participated in a few years ago. Another goal I have for this year is to make a lap quilt for all my grandkids. I added to the collection of swap blocks to make this quilt for my grandson, James, killing two birds at the same time.

The second quilt on the right was made for another grandson, Cory, but was not part of the UFO challenge. So far, I have made three black, red, and white quilts.

The bottom quilt was the first one I did and was a wedding quilt for my grand daughter, Sara and her husband Andy. The color theme for their wedding was Red, Black and White. Each person in the wedding party signed a block.

When another grandson wanted a black and white quilt, I told him to pick another color, I was done with black, white and red quilts.


  1. Barb, those are great quilts. Am working on a disappearing 9 patch with sashing between the blocks. Hope it looks as good as yours!

  2. Hi Barb, I love the Disappearing 9 patch, and I love the fabric and color choice!