Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What a Difference - Winter 2010

Last Saturday my grandson, Dustin, his wife Cina and my great granson Sylas come out for lunch. It was such a nice spring like???? day we decided to take Sylas outside for a ride on the lawn tractor. As I was looking over the pictures we took, it came to mind the difference between this winter and last. We had record breaking snowfall in the winter of 2008 - 2009. This year we have set new records for the least amount of snow. Well that is North Idaho for you.


  1. again, what a difference a day makes. one day after this post the snow is really coming down. hope you enjoy a little last minute winter!

  2. My husband would envy you riding your grandchild on the lawn mover! He use to ride them around when we still lived out in the country and I think he enjoyed that almost more than the kids did. He really loved his property to play on. Glad to see you are enjoying your blog! Hope you can get some to yourself to get ready for all your company. What a busy lady! I've got dolls and prayer bears to make! ♥♥♥