Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where Does Time Go?

It can not have been a month since my last post. Gosh where does time go.

I celebrated my 70th birthday yesterday. Unfortunately spent most of the day in bed with a cold. Not the kind of present I was hoping for. You know what ... 70 years is a long time. You know something else ... I use to think people who were in their 70's were old, but not anymore!
Here are a few of my favorite quotes on aging:
Yeah, being young is beautiful but being old is comfortable. Forget the health food, my body needs all the preservatives I can get.
I finally got my head together and my body fell apart.
You don't stop laughing because you grow old; you grow old because you stopped laughing.
Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

OK enough of that! On to what has been happing on the farm.
We have some new yard art!
Well, that all depends on who you are talking to, yard art or a vision.

My son has a new hobby but no place to put it. "Dad you have all that room out at your place can I store it at your house?"

His new hobby restoring a 1927 something?

Here is my take on this...My son wanted something he and his son, Logan could work on together. However, he also knew if he brought his project to our house his Dad could not help but become involved. What was my son's hobby is now a three generation project...a little male bonding for the men in the family.

Like Grandfather

Like Father

Like Son

What a team


  1. Hi Barb! Happy belated Birthday! Hope today you are feeling better! I am sorry I didn't get to wish you HB yesterday. Hey, that is a cool project for the generations of men in your family! How neat for your grandson. I think that passing down the quilting projects is sure less massive as an old car, but again you can drive a quilt when it is done....LOL My uncle and his son use to restore old Packards, and Model A Fords, etc. Uncle died and the cars/trucks were either sold or are still in the big 4 car garage.

  2. Barb, that is so cool. It is sure a BIG project with all the missing parts! My hubby found an old `28 years ago but our girls were busy already and he realized he couldn't find time to work on it. Now he has 'mostly finished' cars and just puts a little elbow grease into them. Can't wait to see this car progress into a classic!